Top Ten Fundraisers

  1. Stan Galanski$33,547
  2. Peter Pappas$25,098
  3. Don Cook$22,006
  4. Danny Kayne$18,434
  5. Clay Bassett$17,452
  6. Matt Merchant$16,743
  7. Michael Sargent$16,550
  8. Michael Brock$16,307
  9. John Corcoran$13,306
  10. Michael Smith$13,033







Top Ten Teams

  1. Odds Makers$86,752
  2. Team Navigators$85,087
  3. Marshall Wace$77,850
  4. BMW of Bridgeport$71,820
  5. Yellow Jersey ...$68,676
  6. Team Discovery$61,526
  7. Team SHU$41,374
  8. Team MasterCard$39,721
  9. Look No Hands ...$38,392
  10. Ride Sally Ride$37,952

Headlines & Deadlines

Moving Beyond Cancer

We ride to change the world for everyone who battles cancer—to provide a bridge back from the after effects of the harsh treatments needed to save their lives. We ride to fund hope, triumph and the unique CT Challenge programs of exercise, nutrition and community-building support that chart a course forward for cancer survivors everywhere.

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