Top Ten Fundraisers

  1. Jonathan Slavin$7,700.00
  2. Richard Roman$5,500.00
  3. john corcoran$5,000.00
  4. Jeff Manchester$4,475.00
  5. Read Hubbard$3,385.00
  6. Paul Fitzpatrick$2,310.00
  7. Andy Maloney$2,001.22
  8. michael Weitzman$2,000.00
  9. John Clements$1,500.00
  10. Charles Vandis$1,225.00







Top Ten Teams

  1. Team MasterCard$8,680.00
  2. Flock of Cycles$8,280.00
  3. Team Roman$5,700.00
  4. CCDRGSP$5,000.00
  5. Merrll Lynch$3,385.00
  6. Team Ridgefield$3,110.00
  7. Yellow Jersey C...$2,969.00
  8. PIMCO$2,851.22
  9. Norwalk Hospital$2,525.00
  10. Bethie's Buddies$2,302.00

Headlines & Deadlines

Moving Beyond Cancer

We ride to change the world for everyone who battles cancer—to provide a bridge back from the after effects of the harsh treatments needed to save their lives. We ride to fund hope, triumph and the unique CT Challenge programs of exercise, nutrition and community-building support that chart a course forward for cancer survivors everywhere.

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