July 26-27, 2019

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CT Challenge 50-Mile Course

The 50-mile ride is for you if:
  • …you have experience in road cycling as a physical exercise
  • …you are and have been actively engaged in regular physical exercise and are currently in good physical condition
  • …you will have cycled 50 miles during your training or you can comfortably ride 25 miles in under 2.5 hours (10 mph avg. speed)
Estimated time on the 50-mile course: 3.5 – 5 hours

Where the money goes

The programs funded by the CT Challenge Ride were renamed Mission to position them as the flagship for survivors everywhere. Their commitment to use these programs to equip all who battle cancer with the exercise, nutrition and mind-body knowledge, tools and community needed to live. life. vibrantly. remains unchanged.

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