July 26-27, 2019

ride countdown

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Team Navigators has been participating in the CT Challenge since 2010 and was honored in 2013 to have the single rider to have raised the most funds. At Navigators, we believe that part of a corporation’s responsibility is to be a meaningful and active part of the communities in which we work and conduct business. Our employees and brokers fly in from as far away as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and even London to share in this unique experience. Last year, one of our riders had a sister who was struggling with cancer and unfortunately lost the battle shortly after the cycling event. However, while he was in town to ride, he was able to visit his sister one last time before cycling over 100 miles. There is no member of our team that has not been affected by cancer on some scale. It is an honor not only to contribute to our community and to such a great cause, but also to have the opportunity to share the experience with other Team Navigators members. Captain: Stan Galanski Watch Passengers (2016)