The Brooklyn Brothers

Team Brooklyn Brothers is eager to return for its second ride in the CT Challenge, this July 30. We ride in support of our loved ones who are battling this disease. We ride in memory of those taken by it. We foresee a world where surviving cancer is the norm. And where being a survivor means being stronger than ever.

CT Challenge believes the end of treatment is just the beginning. They empower everyone on the other side of cancer to live longer, dream bigger, push further.

The funds from this ride will support survivors of all ages – from summer camps for kids, to adventure trips for young adults, to the groundbreaking programs being pioneered at the Center for Survivorship.

Please join us. Donate at, and you’ll help change lives. Ride with us, and you’ll get a spiffy blue jersey. You can sign up for our team here.

This is for Yolanda, Sheila, Beatrice, and so many others. Thanks so much.

Team Abercrombie

Team Abercrombie is honored to ride the CT Challenge in memory of Valerie Charles, who believed so strongly in the holistic approach of the services offered to cancer survivors at The Center for Survivorship. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to experience these services, but our participation will help support the ideals that she so strongly believed.


Our Team is excited this year to have Valerie’s oldest daughter, Olivia, and her friends, Jessica and Matthew Broder, join us. They will ride the Student 10 miler. Other members of our Team include, Val’s sister Melissa and dear friends Lisa Broder and Mary Lauren Factora. As ‘captain’, I very much appreciate the contributions of my friend Bob Myette, who will join me for the 2-day ride, Val’s husband Peter and parents Ken and Eda, who will be volunteering.


All of us are advocates of the work and leadership of our friend Jeff Keith, who was so helpful to Valerie during her illness. We have trained, are ready to ride, and will do so with deep emotion for ‘our Valerie’, who lived life with an abundance of energy, which we feel will transmit to us as we ride in her memory.

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Team Believe

We are excited about this year’s Ride and for the chance it gives us once again to hang with Mike Phillips (Flips) in the stories we continue to tell about the wild ride we had with this great guy. Most of us played lacrosse with him at Wilton High School or in college at BC. It’s been a few years since cancer got him but his spirit lives on through these stories, our memories, his wife and kids and what we learned from him.

The Ride was a big part of his fight and positive outlook in living with an aggressive cancer as long as he did. He got his friends to ride with him those first years. We rode for him when he no longer could.  We still do.

He was the heart of the teams we played on together. He was our goalie, our line of last defense, leading us to incredible wins with saves that seemed impossible to everyone except him. His personal creed was “Believe.” Not only did he follow this in sports, he lived it day in and day out as he battled through his ordeal. It was this mindset that helped him survive as long as he did. So we ride now with hope and with love for our friend. We ride because we “Believe,” like he did, that things can be better for all who fight cancer.

We hope you will consider supporting Team Believe by clicking here to make a secure online donation. Thank you.

Captain: Jeff Keith

Bethie’s Buddies

When you are lucky enough to have a friend like Beth Davis in your life, you celebrate it, even if the time together gets cut short …maybe especially if the time together gets cut short. Beth passed away on May 31, 2014 after a courageous, miraculous fight against cancer. Diagnosed in 1999 with breast cancer, she did not let it stop her. Not for one single day.

Her ability to live in the moment …on her terms – joyfully, positively, hopefully, passionately – was a lesson for us all. It is what the CT Challenge programs are all about and it is a daily checkpoint of how to live this precious life we have, a reminder of what surviving this terrible disease is all about – for all who fight it, especially those left to carry on.

So this ride is for Beth, to keep her name with us, to keep her spirit with us, in support of cancer survivors and all who need the kind of approach to life she embodied. 

Cindi Bigelow

If you would like to donate to Bethie's Buddies, please click here. 

Team BMW of Bridgeport

Join Team BMW of Bridgeport ...New Fundraising Incentives for 2018!

We are a diverse team made up of employees, customers, family and friends, yet our mission is the same: support cancer survivorship. Each of us rides in honor of loved ones battling this disease or in memory of ones who lost the fight. A sponsor of the CT Challenge from the beginning, we are proud to be a part of such a great organization and cause. As in years past, we will donate $150 to every 50-, 75- and 100-mile rider and $100 to every 10- and 25-mile rider to jumpstart your fundraising. This team is open to all riders. 

New fundraising incentives for 2018: 

  • Fundraise $800 and get a BMW Travel Mug
  • Fundraise $1,200 and get a BMW Spiral Lock
  • Fundraise $1,600 and get a BMW Athletics Performance Sports Bag
  • Fundraise $2,000 and get a BMW Watch (choose from many)
  • Fundraise $3,000 and get a BMW for the Weekend (from Friday through Monday)
  • OR, be the biggest fundraiser on the team and win a BMW Cruise Bike valued at $1,050!

Team Captain: Mitch McManus

Team Camp Rising Sun

Camp Rising Sun provides a free week of fun for any child 5-17 who has had cancer. Staffed solely by volunteers and funded solely by donations, kids spend a week swimming, rock wall climbing, creating arts and crafts, and doing all the fun things a kid should do in a safe environment. Camp Rising Sun has grown from 8 campers in its first year to now over 110 annually. 2014 marks the 31st anniversary of Camp Rising Sun. We are honored and thrilled to be participating in the CT Challenge for the second year in a row. By riding in the CT Challenge, we will insure the continued success of Camp Rising Sun. We will also be supporting our campers throughout their lives in a healthy lifestyle through the many programs and services that the CT Challenge provides. Camp Rising Sun: a place where kids with cancer have fun!

Captain: Scott Capozza

Team Cookie

Team Charged has ridden for the past five years, making it to the top 20 fundraisers last year. This year, we decided to change the name to Team Cookie to honor my mother-in-law, "Cookie" aka Lucy Roberts, who learned last September that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Cookie has chosen to fight this disease and continues to enjoy each day with her family and friends. She is an inspiration to all of us as she took a very difficult situation and has made the best of it. Team Cookie is made up of friends and family that have all had cancer touch their lives. We ride for all the cancer survivors and for the Center in honor of Cookie.

Captain: Gean Tremaine

Flock of Cycles

I rode solo in my first CT Challenge. The personal accomplishments of training, the pre-ride ceremony, riding along with survivors, the signs along the route such as, "Someone You Don't Know Thinks You Are A Hero," …all of it was so uplifting. How could I not share it with my friends? Building a team was a natural progression. The name Flock of Cycles seemed a great fit. That, plus a little blind faith in my descriptions of that first year's experience, became a team of 36 riders. For many people, asking for donations can be hard. On several occasions, the team discussed strategies for the most effective ways to fundraise for the ride. As more people learned about the organization and our mission, we found raising funds became easier, and recruiting new riders became part of the process as well. Most of our team members were donors who now raise multiples of what they originally donated. Each member understands what they have helped build by participating in the Ride. We are proud to show off the Center for Survivorship to our families and friends, and we get satisfaction from supporting the programs that help cancer survivors live healthier lives.

Captain: Jon Slavin