We ride in support of our loved ones who are battling this disease. We ride in memory of those taken by it...

To inspire other teen cancer survivors

Undefeatable!” “Challenge Me!
Those are Fairfielder Giacomo Brancato’s battle cries in the fight he is winning against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is now in remission. This amazing Fairfield Warde High School junior, an avid basketball and baseball player, is not only undefeatable, he is unstoppable, according to his mother Mirella. And now he wants to help and inspire other teen cancer survivors so they can beat their cancer with a similar positive attitude — and the spirit to marshal a lot of personal strength.

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A Father Rides for his Son

It’s only 10 miles, Don Cook tells himself.
Never mind the needle that was supposed to knock down the arthritis flares. Never mind the orbits of white tape that were supposed to gag his ankle and keep it from screaming.
Sometimes, as Cook rides the deep-blue bicycle that once belonged to his boy, it just helps to feel a different kind of pain.

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