Team Yellow Jersey

Yellow Jersey Cycle – Powered by Julian

This is our 4th year riding in the CT Challenge. As soon as we learned about it, we were determined to go the distance to help people who are fighting or have fought cancer.

Family of Look No Hands Team

Odds Makers

They ride to honor and make a difference in the lives of all Survivors, especially parents with young children. They are close friends, friends of friends and neighbors who consider the Ride their favorite day of the summer.

Team Discovery

Team Discovery

We have all been impacted by cancer in some form and Team Discovery is grateful to have a number of survivors on our roster who serve as inspiration every day and motivate us to do more.

Giacomo Brancato and riders at Bike Ride

Ride for Charity: Inspire Teen Cancer Survivors!

Undefeatable!” “Challenge Me!
Those are Fairfielder Giacomo Brancato’s battle cries in the fight he is winning against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is now in remission. This amazing Fairfield Warde High School junior, an avid basketball and baseball player, is not only undefeatable, he is unstoppable, according to his mother Mirella. And now he wants to help and inspire other teen cancer survivors so they can beat their cancer with a similar positive attitude — and the spirit to marshal a lot of personal strength.

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Man holding photo of son

A Father Rides for his Son

It’s only 10 miles, Don Cook tells himself.
Never mind the needle that was supposed to knock down the arthritis flares. Never mind the orbits of white tape that were supposed to gag his ankle and keep it from screaming.
Sometimes, as Cook rides the deep-blue bicycle that once belonged to his boy, it just helps to feel a different kind of pain.

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Team Look No Hands with OSG

Team Look No Hands with OSG

“I will never forget the day I woke up and decided to take charge of my health to ride alongside other cancer survivors and their families …”

Shirt Thing! ...Deadline extended to March 3rd

Register to ride in this year’s CT Challenge by March 3, 2015 and we’ll send you a 2015 CT Challenge cycling jersey this spring in advance of the ride, compliments of our appreciation for your commitment to change the world for cancer survivors.  Jerseys are custom-designed and produced by Sugoi. If you prefer a CT Challenge performance shirt, you can opt for that instead.  It’s your call …but only if you register to ride by March 3.

Questions? Email us at

To register now, click here.



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Family of Riders at the CT Challenge

Team Abercrombie

Team Abercrombie is honored to ride the CT Challenge in memory of Valerie Charles, who believed so strongly in the holistic approach of the services offered to cancer survivors at The Center for Survivorship. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to experience these services, but our participation will help support the ideals that she so strongly believed.


Our Team is excited this year to have Valerie’s oldest daughter, Olivia, and her friends, Jessica and Matthew Broder, join us. They will ride the Student 10 miler. Other members of our Team include, Val’s sister Melissa and dear friends Lisa Broder and Mary Lauren Factora. As ‘captain’, I very much appreciate the contributions of my friend Bob Myette, who will join me for the 2-day ride, Val’s husband Peter and parents Ken and Eda, who will be volunteering.


All of us are advocates of the work and leadership of our friend Jeff Keith, who was so helpful to Valerie during her illness. We have trained, are ready to ride, and will do so with deep emotion for ‘our Valerie’, who lived life with an abundance of energy, which we feel will transmit to us as we ride in her memory.

Captain: Ron Kramer

Riders at the CT Challenge

Team Believe

We are excited about this year’s Ride and for the chance it gives us once again to hang with Mike Phillips (Flips) in the stories we continue to tell about the wild ride we had with this great guy. Most of us played lacrosse with him at Wilton High School or in college at BC. It’s been a few years since cancer got him but his spirit lives on through these stories, our memories, his wife and kids and what we learned from him.

The Ride was a big part of his fight and positive outlook in living with an aggressive cancer as long as he did. He got his friends to ride with him those first years. We rode for him when he no longer could.  We still do.

He was the heart of the teams we played on together. He was our goalie, our line of last defense, leading us to incredible wins with saves that seemed impossible to everyone except him. His personal creed was “Believe.” Not only did he follow this in sports, he lived it day in and day out as he battled through his ordeal. It was this mindset that helped him survive as long as he did. So we ride now with hope and with love for our friend. We ride because we “Believe,” like he did, that things can be better for all who fight cancer.

Captain: Jeff Keith