When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with bone cancer in my left leg and was told I might never walk again.

After 9 months of aggressive chemotherapy and several life saving surgeries I was cancer free, but my road to recovery occurred over many years as I had to re-learn how to walk and regain mobility and strength in my left leg.

There was no question that this was the most frustrating and challenging period of my life. If gave up on my physical therapy, I would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair or on crutches. It was a condemning fate and in my darkest hour I almost gave up.

Seeing how frustrated and disappointed I was with my progress, my Nana did something that changed everything for me. She simply moved my bike into my bedroom. I hadn’t seen my bike in over a year and had largely given up on the idea of ever using it again – but I loved to bike…it meant everything to me.

From that moment forward, I woke up every day and pushed myself as hard as I could so I could one day get back on it.  At 17, I was riding recreationally. In 2007, I met Jeff Keith.  Jeff had the same cancer as I did.  He is THE symbol of what you can do if you push yourself to try.

That year, Dan Anzalone – my friend and colleague – started team Alpha Riders. When we started we were a team of 2. Our numbers have since grown into the 40s.

Our team is made up of friends and colleagues who work within the hedge fund industry. We ride because we want to create “Alpha” for our community – for my fellow cancer survivors. This year marks our fifth summer together. This year I’m riding 100 miles.