I rode solo in my first CT Challenge. The personal accomplishments of training, the pre-ride ceremony, riding along with survivors, the signs along the route such as, “Someone You Don’t Know Thinks You Are A Hero,” …all of it was so uplifting. How could I not share it with my friends? Building a team was a natural progression. The name Flock of Cycles seemed a great fit. That, plus a little blind faith in my descriptions of that first year’s experience, became a team of 36 riders. For many people, asking for donations can be hard. On several occasions, the team discussed strategies for the most effective ways to fundraise for the ride. As more people learned about the organization and our mission, we found raising funds became easier, and recruiting new riders became part of the process as well. Most of our team members were donors who now raise multiples of what they originally donated. Each member understands what they have helped build by participating in the Ride. We are proud to show off the Center for Survivorship to our families and friends, and we get satisfaction from supporting the programs that help cancer survivors live healthier lives.

Captain: Jon Slavin