July 26-27, 2019

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If you can imagine a thing, you can certainly do it.

When you register to ride, you have committed to raise either $500, $750 or $3,000 depending on the route you choose. Fundraising commitments for students are the same as adult commitments.

Distance Non-refundable
Registration Fee
Fundraising Commitment
10 miles $60 $500
25 miles $60 $500
50 miles $100 $750
75 miles $125 $750
100 miles $125 $750
Road Warriors

Dependent on distance
(see above)

  • Nearly all of CT Challenge Riders hit or exceed their minimum commitment.
  • All riders commit to an individual minimum regardless of whether you are riding on a team or not.
  • There is no fundraising minimum for virtual riders. If, however, they raise the minimum and decide to ride, contact us at info@ctchallenge.org 
  • If by June 30th, your plans change and you can no longer participate in the Ride, you may cancel. However, all funds raised to that date will remain donated to the CT Challenge and you will forfeit your registration fee. (Before you make this decision, please contact us at info@ctchallenge.org. We have lots of tools in place to support your fundraising. You can do this!)
  • If a rider has not raised his/her minimum amount by October 18, 2019, the balance of the minimum will automatically be charged to the credit card provided at registration. 

Important note: Teams/families of four or more members may share funds by having their team captain contact us at info@ctchallenge.org by October 11th, one week before the fundraising deadline. For example, if all 4 team members sign up for the 25 mile route ($500 minimum), each person will need to fundraise the minimum of $500 and the team must raise a total of $2,000. If one of your team members raises $400 and you raise $600, you can share your $100 to the other rider. Each teammate must average $500 in this example. 

Where the money goes

The programs funded by the CT Challenge Ride were renamed Mission this year to position them as the flagship for survivors everywhere. Their commitment to use these programs to equip all who battle cancer with the exercise, nutrition and mind-body knowledge, tools and community needed to live. life. vibrantly. remains unchanged.


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