Hill Busters will be in the saddle once again for the CT Challenge Bike Ride. The team formed in 2005 for the first CT Challenge and since that time, they’ve raised over $222,000 to support the CT Challenge programs for cancer survivors.

What keeps them coming back year after year? Co-captain Scott Craighead explained, “we’re a group of middle-aged, weekend bike warriors who love cycling, seeing our beautiful roads and beaches in and around Fairfield and sharing the camaraderie that comes with riding together. We also enjoy putting our passion for cycling to work for the Connecticut Challenge.”

Matt Wiant, the other Hill Busters co-captain, said “we know we’re very fortunate to be healthy and are inspired by those whose strength and bravery has led them beyond cancer to go on and accomplish great things. We ride in the CT Challenge because we know there are others out there we can help who will benefit from the successful pathway the survivors have shown us all.”

Come experience this special day along with the Hill Busters.  You’ll have the ride of a lifetime!  Register today at http://bike.challenge.org