Kids Ride

The Kid’s Ride will take place from 9am-10am. Each participant will ride a short lap around the Greenfield Hill Church Town Green (approximately 0.2 miles per lap). There is no minimum or maximum on the number of laps to be completed. A rider can do 2 laps or 20 laps. Tri-cycles and small bikes are encouraged. Parents can watch and follow their child around the small lap course. Volunteers will be overseeing the Kid’s Ride and always be present with your child along the small short lap route. Stickers will be awarded for each lap and can be placed on the rider’s Helmet or bike.

Important Info:

  • For kids age 4-8
  • $25 registration fee
  • Fundraising optional, but encouraged!
  • Limited spots available

For any further questions please e-mail Laura Equale at

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