Aimee Elsner and Team Rockin' Our Pink are Rockin!

Aimee, a triathlete who has run the New York City Marathon three times, will be riding the 100 miles of the CT Challenge this year, after a yearlong battle with breast cancer in 2009 gave new focus to her athletic pursuits. The Challenge is part of her training for a Half Ironman she is planning to complete in August. Together her team has raised almost $6,000 to support programs for cancer survivors! Rockin our Pink is new to the CT Challenge this year and we salute their efforts! Read more about Aimee in the Stamford Daily Voice.

Team Rides! Join a Team!

Many are looking for members! Riding on a team will help motivate you to train for the ride and builds camaraderie that makes the CT Challenge an extra special day! Click here for a complete list of teams and click on the team link to learn more or join.

Bike Ride: Don't be shy! Tell your friends Why You Ride.

You are making the road ahead a little bit easier for a cancer survivor!  You can also share this 30 second spot to give your friends and donors more information about the ride.  Don't forget to include a link to donate to your personal fundraising page!

Tips for a smarter, faster group ride!

1.  Pick your pack position wisely.  Stay in the front 1/3 of the group.

2.  Attack the hills.  In fact, try to lead. If you start close to the front, you may still be passed by stronger riders, but you're more likely to see the top before the last rider rockets away.

3.  Attack the hills part 2:  On the downhills, shift into a larger gear so you can stay in the heart of the pack as things even out.

4.  If you get dropped from the pack, shift into a hard gear, get as aero as you can and give it everything you have.  If the pack continues to disappear into the distance, don't burn out your legs, go to plan b: ride alone.

5. Make sure you are eating & drinking along the way to fuel your effort. Tuck a gel or two into your shorts leg for easy access.  Open bottles before you ride.

6.  While drafting on flat terrain, shift into a slightly bigger gear, change your cadence, and pedal minimally.

7.  Admit to being the weakest link.  If you can't hold onto the wheel in front of you, don't make the group riders behind you pay.  Yell "gap" and move over.

8.  Leave the superman cape at home.  Be perfectly willing to do as little work as possible.  Everyone knows what it feels like to be the slowest, so nobody will give you a hard time for not taking a turn up front.

9. But bring your secret superman along inside.  If you think you can't hang with the group, you won't be able to.  Negative self talk will poison your chances of success.

10.  Be prepared to hurt.  Going fast has some pain associated with the effort.  Pick your moments to put in a large effort.  You'll be surprised at what you can handle, and you'll be able to go faster in the future.

11.  Don't take it personally.  When, not if, you do lose the group.  Don't think of yourself as a loser or a slacker.  Every cyclist has been dropped at some point.

Centennial Bike Ride and all Training Rides Begin June 2nd!

Rally your friends, teammates and join us!  Training rides are a great way to meet other CT Challenge riders and you'll get to ride portions of the CT Challenge course in advance of the ride!

Rides depart at 8 am from Trek Fairfield.

The group is divided into B & C Level riders.

Can't make June 2nd?  Click here to view other dates.

Hill Busters

Hill Busters will be in the saddle once again for the CT Challenge Bike Ride. The team formed in 2005 for the first CT Challenge and since that time, they’ve raised over $222,000 to support the CT Challenge programs for cancer survivors.

What keeps them coming back year after year? Co-captain Scott Craighead explained, “we’re a group of middle-aged, weekend bike warriors who love cycling, seeing our beautiful roads and beaches in and around Fairfield and sharing the camaraderie that comes with riding together. We also enjoy putting our passion for cycling to work for the Connecticut Challenge."

Matt Wiant, the other Hill Busters co-captain, said “we know we’re very fortunate to be healthy and are inspired by those whose strength and bravery has led them beyond cancer to go on and accomplish great things. We ride in the CT Challenge because we know there are others out there we can help who will benefit from the successful pathway the survivors have shown us all.”

Come experience this special day along with the Hill Busters.  You'll have the ride of a lifetime!  Register today at

Thirsty Thursday Ride & Lawn Party @ Ridgefield Bicycle Co.

Tomorrow - Join us for the KICK OFF to the brand new Thirsty Thursday Ride at Ridgefield Bicycle Company sponsored this week by CT Challenge, sure to make you happy and thirsty! Head to Ridgefield Bicycle (22 Catoonah Street) on Thursday, May 17 at 5:45pm.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about CT Challenge and enjoy an evening out on your bike. CT Challenge will provide refreshments and goodies on the Ridgefiield Bicycle Sports Club (RBSC) lawn post ride.

RBSC will provide a cooler and ice, you BYO beverage to have ice cold when you return to the RBSC lawn. Registration is required for the May 17th Kickoff Party.   Click here to register.

Contact Jacqui Dowd at if you have any questions about the event.

Zumba to benefit the CT Challenge!

This saturday, May 19th, 2012 from 10 am to 11 am at the JCC of Greater New Haven, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge CT.  All participants will receive a good bag!

Thank you to sponsors: Sleep On It, Bruegger's, Poland Spring and the JCC.

Flock of Cycles Set to Soar in the CT Challenge!

Led by captain Jon Slavin, Flock of Cycles has contributed over $228,000 since 2008 to support CT Challenge programs for cancer survivors! We are thrilled to have their support again this year.