In July 2009, Sally, my wife of 16 years, told me she was planning to ride in the CT Challenge bike ride later that month. She was battling lung cancer and was in the middle of a six-week hiatus from her third round of chemo. She rode in the 12-mile ride with three friends. The smile on her face and the satisfaction in her voice could not have been greater. She had been bitten by the CT Challenge bug and vowed to ride again. Sadly, her disease accelerated and overtook her life in February 2010. As a lasting tribute to her admiration for this organization and her incredible strength and faith in herself, her family, her friends and the community in which she lived, I picked up a road bike for the first time and established Team Ride Sally Ride. We ride almost 70 strong. I ride because I want to show the world the power of connections and how those connections lead us farther down the path blazed by Sally and the CTC, where cancer survivors can more easily find the resources to get them quickly on the road to rebuilding their lives and finding peace.

Captain: George Richards