We are excited about this year’s Ride and for the chance it gives us once again to hang with Mike Phillips (Flips) in the stories we continue to tell about the wild ride we had with this great guy. Most of us played lacrosse with him at Wilton High School or in college at BC. It’s been a few years since cancer got him but his spirit lives on through these stories, our memories, his wife and kids and what we learned from him.

The Ride was a big part of his fight and positive outlook in living with an aggressive cancer as long as he did. He got his friends to ride with him those first years. We rode for him when he no longer could.  We still do.

He was the heart of the teams we played on together. He was our goalie, our line of last defense, leading us to incredible wins with saves that seemed impossible to everyone except him. His personal creed was “Believe.” Not only did he follow this in sports, he lived it day in and day out as he battled through his ordeal. It was this mindset that helped him survive as long as he did. So we ride now with hope and with love for our friend. We ride because we “Believe,” like he did, that things can be better for all who fight cancer.

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Captain: Jeff Keith