“Aspire to savor each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer and celebrate the joy of everyday.”  #AmyNessel

Team Odds Makers rides with long-term survivor Amy Nessel at the center of every wheel we turn ‘round in support of the life-affirming programs of the CT Challenge. We are close friends, friends of friends and neighbors who consider this day our favorite day of the summer—it’s inspiring, empowering and not to be missed. We ride every year to honor and make a difference in the lives of all Survivors, especially those of parents with young children who have been diagnosed and are juggling the demands of this disease.

The team was originally formed as Team Amy in support of Amy Nessel by a group of friends after she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2010. Wanting to expand and include others the following year, Odds Makers was born. The name comes from Amy’s brother, Paul. While embarking on that first walk to treatment, Paul reassured Amy that she would be an “odds maker.” It’s was a constant mantra for Amy. We lost her last May but not before she beat all the odds in her insistence to live on her own terms – with humor, honesty, compassion, appreciation, love and fight. Those things are never lost.

Captain: Karin Keith