Team Sclafani formed eight years ago in support of Pat Sclafani when he was first diagnosed with a rare thoracic cancer, thymoma. We’ve supported Pat through his treatments including surgery, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Team Sclafani first rode in the 2007 CT Challenge when Pat was only 7 weeks removed from his last chemo treatment. Crossing the finish line as a team after 50 miles was an incredibly special moment. Even more special is that Pat remains cancer free. Since then, Team Sclafani has grown to honor and support new members, family and friends that have been touched by cancer. To date, we’ve raised $300,000 in support of this worthy cause. In this, our 8th CT Challenge, we celebrate family, friendship and life, and are proud to be a part of this great team. We are TEAM SCLAFANI!

Captain: Bob Pigue