There is strength in numbers! In 2018, 88% of all CT Challenge riders participated on teams and collected 87% of the total amount raised. Teams form around friends, family and philanthropic goals …around companies, camaraderie, community and athletic aims. They form in defiance of a brutal disease, as a triumph over the toll cancer can take. They form as a take back of all that cancer tries to take away. They form to change the world for cancer survivors everywhere.

Build a Team

Four’s company …and a team. It’s as simple as that. From four, you can build your team to any number you want. Some of our biggest teams have had nearly 100 riders. Here’s more info on starting a team. If you are not on a team and would like to join one, please email us at
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One of the most gratifying ways to experience the CT Challenge is by being on a team. Here is what team captains need to know to lead their team most successfully.
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Custom Cycling Jerseys

Want to really show your colors as a team? Consider a team cycling jersey. Of course there are many ways to do this but to make it easy, we’ve identified a great resource for you. For details, read on.
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