Captain’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Register your team. 
  • Set up and manage your team page. 
  • Recruit members to your team
    • Make sure each team member registers individually, but as a part of the team. Note: Team members do not have to ride the same distance.
    • Registration fees must match the distances each member of the team elects to ride. Each team member is responsible for raising his/her own required fundraising minimum.

Things you’ll want to know:

Day of the Ride

  • Team Photo: Each team is invited to have their picture taken before the start. There is a short window for this to happen. You will receive details about this as the Ride date nears. Make sure you communicate this to your team so they know when and where pictures will be taken. You will receive the photo to distribute to your team members after the Ride.
  • Team Profile: All teams are invited to submit a team photo and profile for the Team Profiles section of the website. From this group, we will select teams to feature on the website throughout the year. We will contact team captains for profiles starting Feb. 1.
  • Team Jersey. We’ve established a great resource for teams to design and purchase their own team cycling jersey. Click here for details.

Communicating, Motivating and Fundraising:

  • Make sure everyone you invite to join the team has a link to the team page so that it’s available when riders want to join.
  • Send out regular updates on how much the team has raised vs. the goal you set for the team.
  • Recognize individual team members for their contributions, whether it’s the teammate who has raised the most money so far, designed the team jersey, organized a volunteer crew to help at the Ride, or organized a group training ride.
  • Train together!!!
  • Make sure your team members investigate any matching gift programs offered by their company or the company of their donors. This can easily and significantly boost your team fundraising efforts.  For more on matching gifts, click here.
  • Your company may support your fundraising efforts with a financial grant. 
  • Consider group fundraising activities with your team …guest bartending at a favorite restaurant, silent auction and barbeque, concert, beach bash, celebrity training rides or whatever fits with the dynamic of your team. Click here for more inspiration.