Employer Matching Gift Program

Let Your Employer Double Your Donation

Many companies have matching gift programs. You make your donation to the CT Challenge and they will donate the same amount or even more. It takes just a few minutes if you follow the simple steps below.
Step 1: Search for your company using the search box below.

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If you don’t see your company listed, you should still check with your HR department. Or, see Step 2 or 3 below.

Step 2: Make your CT Challenge donation and save receipt.
Step 3: There are two ways to request a matching gift:
  1. Online: If your employer provides a link to the company’s intranet, follow that link to submit your matching gift request. Your employer will then contact the CT Challenge directly.
  2. By Paper: Download your company’s matching gift form. Print it out, complete it and mail or email it to the CT Challenge:
    • CT Challenge
    • PO Box 566
    • Southport, CT 06890
    • CT Challenge EIN: 20-2777748
    • Email info@ctchallenge.org