Fundraise for a Connecticut Charity


You’ve decided to ride which means you’ve committed to a fundraising minimum in support of all who battle cancer.

It’s a different amount depending on the distance you’ve chosen to ride and you’ve got until the fundraising deadline, October 16th, 2023 to hit it. Most riders actually exceed their minimum.

Important note: Teams/families of four or more members may share funds by having their team captain contact us at one week before the fundraising deadline. For example, if all 4 team members sign up for the 25 mile route ($500 minimum), each person will need to fundraise the minimum of $500 and the team must raise a total of $2,000. If one of your team members raises $400 and you raise $600, you can share your $100 to the other rider. Each teammate must average $500 in this example.

Here’s more info on how much you need to raise what happens if you are below your minimum by the deadline. Learn More...

Fundraising Tips

It is much easier than you may think to raise the required minimum. Start by customizing your personal fundraising page and be sure to tell people from your heart why you are riding. Don’t be shy about asking for money. You are fundraising for something that impacts nearly everyone. If you’re still stuck, check out these fundraising tips or email us at and be as specific as you can about what’s tripping you up so we can give you the best help possible. Learn More…

Fundraising FAQs

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