Fundraising Toolkit for CT Challenge

Fundraising Toolkit

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it…

And boldness backed by the right tips, tools and support has the ability to achieve the kind of fundraising that can change the world for cancer survivors everywhere. So, let’s see what we can do to help you with your fundraising:

E-mail: After The Ride (Sample)

Hello all,

Chase (my grandson) and I had an epic 100 mile ride on our tandem bicycle back on July 30th to raise money in the CT Challenge. Attached is a video clip of our finish after eight plus hours of hard cranking. Please forgive me as I’m technically challenged and couldn’t figure out how to get this video to display right side up. Chase and I set a goal of raising $12,000 and we are short about $2,750 from meeting this. Once again, I thank all of the wonderful people and organizations that have already donated to this worthy cause.

We met many cancer survivors during the day including Maya Oberstein who lost her leg to cancer and rode that day. Attached is a link the Channel 12 News Video done on the day of the Ride and includes a profile of Maya who is a recipient of the funds you donate.

If the spirit so moves you, you can make a donation to our ride by clicking on the CT Challenge logo below.

The last day to donate is October 16th.

Help us inspire all those battling cancer!!

The CT Challenge is an amazing bike festival that raises money for all those battling cancer. The funds raised go to support wellness programs and inspiring uplifting stories for cancer survivors. If we can continue to provide these much-needed resources, we can bring wellness training and hope to millions more impacted by this disease.

Social media tips

Let’s face it: we spend a significant portion of our lives on social. Social media is BIG and only getting bigger. We shop, read the news and keep in touch with friends with a few clicks. And when it comes to supporting the causes and organizations we care about, our behavior is no different. In fact, people who engaged with charities via social media were inspired to take further action, such as donate, volunteer or attend an event. Be active. Be engaging. Be Authentic.


Many fundraisers don’t think of LinkedIn as a typical resource for reaching donors; however, it has proven as a great resource to connect with your network, and many of our past and current Riders have found success using this social channel as a fundraising tool. Here’s a great example of how to use LinkedIn:

Andrew Nelson’s Post

Use Facebook to fundraise and use the official ride profile and cover photos for your personal social media pages:

  • To download the profile photo, click here. To download the cover photo, click here.
  • Once it’s downloaded in a new window, click file on the top navigation bar and hit “save as” to save the photo on your desktop.
  • Change your profile photo, cover photo or both! Make sure to add your fundraising page link in the description.
  • Tag us @BikeCTChallenge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • For more information, Click here to view our Social Media Fundraising guide.

Reach Out to Past Donors!

Click here for 6 easy steps to raising $1,000.

Video Tutorials

  • Customize your rider profile page by uploading a picture and editing your story. Click here for the video.
  • Share your story and fundraising efforts using Facebook: Here’s how.
  • Watch this video on how to use the email function in your fundraising page HQ to reach out to your contacts and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Third time’s the charm

Space out your emails and social media posts to promote the different stages of your ride and keep donors and friends engaged throughout the year

  1. When you sign up: Scream from the rooftops that you committed to ride and why
  2. As you train: Tell your friends and family how they can support your goals and join your team
  3. After the ride: Share your experience with everyone you know! *Remember that you can still fundraise until October 16, 2023. Click here for a sample after-the-ride letter.

Make it personal

Use your network

  • Your efforts should start with your support system. Ask your friends, family and coworkers to join the mission
  • Brainstorm a list of potential donors. Click here to get started.
  • Invite your network to any fundraising events

Donations in lieu of gifts

  • Ask people to donate to your CT Challenge account in lieu of gifts for a birthday or holiday

Special touch

  • Drop a handwritten thank-you note in the mail for a special donor
  • Send a thank-you email after receiving donations
  • Host a small event to thank your donors for their unconditional support

Double your dollars

Local promotions

  • Guest bartend for a night at a local bar or restaurant where a percentage of the proceeds are donated to your ride
  • Poker night with the boys or girls
  • Lemonade stands and bake sales are always a hit
  • Work with local businesses you frequent (example: stage your bake sale outside your grocery store or dry cleaner)
  • Keg for a cause – Host a block party on your street and charge admission.
  • Create a custom team t-shirt, beer koozie or hat to sell
  • Make crafts to sell with your children.

Get physical

  • Does your local health club offer spin classes? Talk with the manager and arrange a spin-a-thon to benefit your fundraising. Organize a workout class with a local gym or fitness center
  • Ask for a minimum donation from participants

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